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Do Not Call

Do Not Call complaints are on the rise and you don’t have to put up with it! Governor Cuomo signed legislation (S6809B/A.9457A) that would require telemarketers to display their accurate name and phone number. Telemarketers block their information to make it difficult for...

Prevent The False Alarm

Attention Contractors, Owners and Tenants Prior to starting any construction, demolition or even cosmetic work, and along with obtaining the required permits, a thorough inspection mus be performed to determine if there is a fire alarm or sprinkler system in the building in which...

How to Spot a Real O&R Employee

O&R offers steps you can take for peace of mind and protection against utility imposters: Ask for ID. A real O&R employee wears a photo ID badge with his or her name and employee number on it. A fake one doesn’t. Confirm your service order number. A real O&R employee...

Avoiding An Estimated O&R Bill

An important notice from O&R – Clear the way to the meter For the health and safety of our field representatives, especially our meter readers, we ask that you maintain a safe area around your meter so that our employees can access it and read it accurately. Here’s what...

Holiday House Decorating Winners

On behalf of the Village of Airmont, we would like to congratulate the winners of Our Holiday House Decorating Contest. The First Prize Winner of the Holiday Decorating Contest is The Milidantri Family of 219 Cherry Lane and the Second Place Winner is the Behr Family of 75 Cherry...