The official website of the Village of Airmont, NY


The Village Clerk/Treasurer is a dual role position in the Village of Airmont. Responsibilities include Clerk to the Board of Trustees, management of all actions relating to the legislative process and financial responsibility for government operations. The Village Clerk also runs the local Airmont elections. Any general questions relating to Village government should be directed to the Village Clerk.

  • Lisa-Ann DiMarsico-Smith, Village Clerk/Treasurer
  • Donna Lopopolo, Deputy Village Clerk


Building Department

The Building Department reviews building permit applications and reviews applications from the Planning and Zoning Boards and conducts inspections to ensure construction projects are safe and meet applicable codes. The Building Department also has responsibility for code enforcement and Litter Patrol to ensure quality of life is maintained within the Village.

  • Louis Zummo, Building Inspector
  • Janet, McBee, Building Department Clerk
  • Joe Tichenor, Building Inspector
  • Corey Martin, Code Enforcer
  • Marino Fontana, Code Enforcer
  • Douglas Perry, Code Enforcer
  • Shlomo Pomeranz, Fire Inspector
  • Steven Webster, Litter Patrol