Press ReleaseSign showing Office of the Mayor

The Village of Airmont sincerely apologizes to our constituents concerning our inability to conduct last night’s Village Board meeting and Public Hearings at Ramapo Town Hall.

Due to the anticipated number of people, we scheduled it at Ramapo Town Hall rather than Airmont Village Hall.  Despite that, there was an overflow crowd which bordered on there being a fire code issue.  Despite that, the person who is assigned to handle the recording and streaming of the event was not feeling well, and due to current health concerns, as a precaution to protect others, could not attend.

Those left to try to handle the audio-visual systems were not able to make it work, as it is not the equipment we are familiar with, and the meeting had to be rescheduled.

We will be informing the public as soon as we set the new date.

We truly apologize for the mishap and hope that you will understand that we are required to meet certain open meetings law criteria, and not being able to meet that burden last night, we were obligated to cancel and to reschedule.

Best regards,


Nathan Bubel